“Only the best one prevails. Selected by strength, power, agility and the mind of a warrior, the Big Boss is the ultimate war machine of his tribe.”

No world could be so full of contraries, as Urk, a world led by cybergenetics and traditions. While the Tork built their world around culture and a synergy of technology and nature, the Cy changed their very nature to extend all physical boundaries, embracing the impossible.


The legend of one chosen Ork, that will unify their world, drives the Tork to sacrifice their first born in a ritual, when he passes the age of 7. A selection process where the aspirant needs to pass an hostile and deadly environment to reach his new master, the Tal. He teaches him and the other apprentices the art of war, the way of strength, the way of becoming a Big Boss.


After two decades of training a second selection ritual takes place. A final exam, where mercy and friendship no longer exists and the apprentice advances to become the Big Boss of his tribe. In an unforgiving deathmatch only one prevails and returns to his tribe to claim his destiny.


In one of the never ending tribe wars Big Boss crushes his enemies as usual, until something unexpected happens…