“From the abyss of the void to the abyss of the depth our greatness will dominate”

Every Abyss world starts with a spore. In search of oceanic Planets a spore is sent from the deepest parts of space. After landing in the ocean the spore releases thousands of tadpoles giving life to a new colony. Each tadpole has an AI teacher to prepare him for his own mission. Unnoticed from the environment, centuries pass in the depth of the sea, while the Abyss develop and prepare. Technology and war machinery prospers in the darkness. Ultimately they reach the point where they overthrow the local inhabitants and overtake the dominion over sea and land to incorporate their conquest into the Abyss empire.


Colos is an aspiring troop leader. Only his arrogance and love for self presentation surpasses his strength and skills. While his royal lineage opens him every door he wants to enter, his inexperience prevents him from becoming the leader he wants to be.


Leading his troop in numerous victories Colos self confidence becomes unbreakable, until he suddenly finds himself in a foreign place and everything changes…