“Legion demands, Legion punishes”

Millennia ago Legion was built by an unknown entity. Not only their intentions are mysterious, even the functionality of Legion is still unknown. The best scientists have tried to understand the construct for centuries and reverse engineer the machine from a safe distance, without much luck. Anyone who is foolish enough to come too close, is dragged into the system. Within lies a bloody mazed arena, the toughest challenge of survival.


Legion is an autonomous system sharing similarities with a living organism. While the drones serve as its immune system, the Cyclops is the killer t-cell. The immobile giant is a gatekeeper preventing enemies from passing. Twice as big as ordinary competitors it is capable of carrying heavy weapons with ease. If a competitor dares to transgress on its fire range, Cyclops will unleash all its might. Their only chance of survival is to avoid confrontation and flank the vulnerable sides.