“The tribe’s naked flesh vanishes before the power of technology. Metal enforcements, digital enhancers and hormon blasts make all physical boundaries fade. The only weapon needed to prevail.”

Urk, a world divided by traditions and cybergenetics, but united by the will of prevailing by strength. The Cy have dominated this world with cybergenetic technology for centuries, while the Tork stuck to their traditions to regain their former power. Never ending wars and an industry only dedicated to war machinery formed this planet to a training ground for the best warriors in the galaxy.


Educated in cybergenetics, Cygo’s research went far beyond the usual. While physical enhancements were the only core of his teachings, Cygo found a way to alter his mind. His methods constrained him to walk on a thin line between mastermind and madman.


Confused and purposeless Cygo traveled the galaxy only to end up enslaved, dwelling in a cave under the arena. Blinded by profit, his new master promised Cygo freedom if he became champion. By exploiting Cygo’s condition, however, his hidden intention was to seize access to the ancient AI arena, from which no fighter has ever returned…