“In each darkness there will be a light. One man selected by divine hand, chosen to bring balance, to bring justice, to bring peace, to bring the truth.”

War, poverty and anarchy lead humanity to the edge of extinction. Mega Corporations took the legislation over and the last resources were exploited by violent competition amongst them. Only space travel technology prevented total annihilation.


The Peacekeepers are the only protectors of the weak, the only voice of the people. A corrupt world of egoism and mercilessness are the biggest enemies of the Peacekeeper. Hunted by the Mega Corps, the Peacekeeper were decimated, leaving behind only a handful of people. Their only chance of survival lies in recruiting, training and educating.


Commander Malik is an aspiring captain of a frigate, trying to help and unite humans around the galaxy. His own life mission is to build an elite force to be able to fight back and liberate earth. His desire for justice lets him move unrelentlessly towards his goal, even though sometimes he is conflicted regarding his own methods. Until that day, when everything changed…