“Legion selects, Legion trials, Legion validates!”

Legion is a monstrosity on an abandoned planet, a huge maze, built from stone and metal and filled with the bones of its victims. A living trap ready to exterminate the weak, while hostile mechanical drones annihilate the rest. Designed from an unknown entity thousands of years ago, Legion collects all kinds of combatants to prove themselves in the arena. Only one combatant will be allowed to become champion, while the rest dies trying. A cold-headed AI decides over life and death.


While Legion’s body is the Arena, its limbs are the drones. Controlled by this hivemind they serve as mechanical tools to fulfill its will.


The Legionary is the main multi-purpose battle drone of Legion. As a strong warrior it is able to use ranged weapons, but also it is a feared melee combatant. With an anatomy of a humanoid it is capable of mimicking a real fighter, nonetheless without feeling any exhaustion nor having any fear or mercy.